Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leadership is Not a Title

One of the biggest challenges future chief information officers will face is juggling the need for innovation while remaining efficient.

With the growing challenges in today’s environment, from regulation and economic volatility to globalization and changing consumer behaviors, IT leaders must learn to balance these forces on a regular basis. CIOs are driving both innovation and efficiency that can lead to huge amounts of energy spent and little motion forward. Although CIOs have always faced these competing imperatives, current market trends have increased the tension between the two.

To help navigate through this new market environment, it’s important to generate high levels of engagement among those you work with and connecting with peers beyond the project and interact at a strategic level.

Bottom line, leadership is not a title, or a job, or being a witness. It’s about going beyond the typical leadership characteristics that are essential to helping modern IT leaders succeed.

For example, it is important to be relevant in your industry by building and maintaining one’s credibility and thought leadership. Read what your business counterparts are reading in the today’s business and technology publications, blogs, and websites. They want to know that you are ‘in the know’ and can talk intelligently about technology trends that impact their business. You have to have a point of view. 

Guest Blog by Rick Roy, CUNA Mutual Group's SVP, Chief Information Officer