Thursday, September 18, 2014

#DiscoveryCon - what to expect?

The Discovery Conference - it's this mix of the benefits of going to a huge credit union industry conference with piles of content, networking, live chats - all online and all without the need to iron anything. Heck, you don't even have to wear shoes!

Our jobs allow us get a sneak peak at the content and sit in on the presentation recordings. And we wanted to share a few things that we've already learned even before the show starts on Oct. 15!

Disruptive Economy - disruption has been happening in many other industries. Our SVP of Strategy & Business Development, John Lass shows us what has happened to industries/companies ready or not for the disruptive waves.

Click photo for "Disruptive" teaser video 

Social Media & Compliance - Co-founder of Chatter Yak!, Bryce Roth, pinpoints the social media responsibilities of credit unions. Hint: disclaimers on Facebook

Roth w/ importance of FFIEC rules

Mobile Trends & Auto Purchasing - "The majority of auto buyers now research their options online and on smartphones." says Steve Hoke, director of loan growth for CUNA Mutual Group. He hits the mobile trends and data points CUs should know.

Hoke goes mobile

There are 10 other presentation sessions that we don't have room to cover on this blog. So, check out the details of Discovery Online and over on Facebook - see you Oct. 15!