Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Members + Advisors = A Rewarding Life Equation

Credit unions and financial advisors can make a vital and lasting difference to members' financial health. According to a few financial advisors, helping members succeed is their raison d'etre.

You can see two real world examples of this in the two brief videos below.

Ann and Keith Bader say they're enjoying retirement, but that might not have been the case.

"Up until the time when I first started with Collins Credit Union, I really was doing my own financial planning, says Keith. "And, it wasn't working very well."

The Baders have worked with Brian Bock, Vice President, Members Financial Services (located at Collins Community Credit Union) since before they retired. And, according to Brian, their success is one more reason he does what he does:

"To see them out there walking on the trail, not having a worry in the world about where their money's coming from or how their investments are doing," he says. "That just makes my job very rewarding."

Leslie and Phil Jones have been members of Ascend Federal Credit Union for over 40 years. They turned to Randall Harris, Vice President, Ascend Retirement and Investment Services (located at Ascend Federal Credit Union) after he advised her parents for years.

"I think he really tries to search out what is best for us," Leslie says.

According to Randall, serving families like the Jones makes all the difference for him:

"The most rewarding aspect of being an advisor for me," he says, "is helping members -- having members be better off than they were before they came to see me."