Monday, February 22, 2016

Today's American Reality: It's a Different World

Let's face it. The world we all experience is changing every day, and the people and businesses who operate with this in mind stay a step ahead of the rest.

Understanding how emerging trends affect your customers gives you an edge when it comes to building trust and loyalty with the people you serve -- especially when you use it to shape the products and services you offer.

In a nutshell, it shows you care. And, it keeps you relevant to those who matter most to you.

With this in mind, we hosted an event called Members Live yesterday. The event brought together credit union members and consumers from different age groups with credit union leaders for an open and honest discussion on the financial realities they face.

The result is the video series we're launching today.

It brings to life three trends that are shaping the American experience: The changing American workplace, The changing American family and the presence of Generation Z.

This first video gives you an overview of yesterday's experience. But, stay tuned for four more videos that share the personal experiences of people.

  • One left his father's family construction business to work for himself as a professional masseuse.
  • Another is a professional musician and artist who works a nine-to-five job as a graphic designer.
  • One heads a household with two daughters and two married moms.
  • And, two run a university credit union serving Generation Z and Millennials today.

We'll be launching these personal stories over the next few days, and we hope these insights are useful to you in understanding and serving your members now and tomorrow.

How do you see these trends affecting your current and potential members?