Monday, June 20, 2016

Drive Long-Term Success With Lending (and Training)

By Laura Janisch

Competition in the lending landscape is fierce. Today’s consumers are shopping for great rates. But, long-term success is about more than price points. It’s about staying focused on the people you serve.

Credit unions have made this a reality since the beginning. But, a 2015 study from Accenture suggests just how critical it is to provide experiences that run deeper than the lending event.

The study showed:

  • Nearly 80 percent of consumers consider their banking relationship transactional, not advice-driven.
  • Millennials are twice as likely to switch financial institutions as other consumer groups.
  • Taking action to know consumers better, re-imagine your financial experience and deepen/sustain relationships can make a difference in your success, now and in the future. 

One solution addressing these realities is the series of webinars we offer for enhancing and strengthening the lending experience.

These performance- targeted sessions include training loan officers can use to improve member relationships, grow and close more profitable loans and more. Managers can also leverage them for leadership and coaching strategies to help staff maximize lending performance.

The training series cascades through the year and includes nearly 20 more training sessions through the end of September, alone. They’re available, at no charge, to credit unions who use our lending solutions.

You can see the complete schedule of the 2016 webinar series here. Or, if you can’t join a live session, you can find them, on-demand, through our Training and Education page.

To connect and reserve your spot with the training series, you can register here.

How are driving long-term success with your lending relationships?