Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Financial Advisors: Get To Know the Credit Union Movement

When hardworking Americans look for financial advice, who do they prefer? Recent research shows middle-income investors aren’t entirely wowed by big national firms, and many don’t trust the expertise of digital brokerages or robo-advisors. Most are looking for local advisors they can trust.

So where can you find them? One great place to look is your local credit union – whether you’re an investor looking for guidance or an advisor looking for a rewarding career.

We know this because, through our broker- dealer arm, CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), we serve people and families through 275 active credit unions across the country. We’re the leading broker-dealer serving the credit union marketplace. And, we strive every day to earn that honor through nearly 400 advisors who work directly with members.

To amplify the value our advisors offer, we provide continuing education opportunities specific to serving credit unions, meeting regulatory requirements and more. For advisors who are new to our company, that means training to reinforce the realities and best practices involved with serving members. We do this through our Advisor Academy, and we host it every six weeks.

The four-day experience educates participants in three key areas: credit union integration, technology and sales process/compliance. It’s one of many opportunities we offer advisors to help expand their skillsets and support career growth with us.

“I believe we provide some of the best onboard training in the credit union industry,” says Advisor Academy Leader and Team Trainer, Ric Pearson. “In my eight years with the academy, I can tell you we have always received positive feedback and results, and our retention outperforms others’ in our space.”

According to Pearson, the academy is one way the company works to position its advisors for success and career growth in serving the credit union movement:

“When you hire great people and provide them with timely, relevant training,” he said, “success and inspiration will usually follow. That’s what we’ve experienced.”

Are you interested in joining CBSI’s award winning team of financial advisors? Contact with us today via 855.686.0823 or email.