Thursday, September 15, 2016

We Want to See You Thrive

We’re proud to support credit unions. It’s an honor and we’ve cherished for more than 80 years. In that time, we’ve evolved along with the movement and the millions of members it serves. 

This is still our reality.

Today, we still tailor our products, services and expertise to the needs of hardworking Americans. We still drive insights and innovation to connect with people in ways that fit their lives. And, we still work to give credit unions the competitive edge they need – not just to survive, but to thrive -- in a competitive landscape that changes often and forgives very little.

We also know public awareness can make a vital difference to the future of our industry. While the movement serves millions of members, it still faces oceans of the population who aren’t familiar with the credit union difference – yet.

So, we invite you to join us for a social sharing campaign we call #CU_Thrive. It's open to credit union members, staff and anyone who enjoys the new video series we've just launched.

The series includes four new stories that feature the credit union difference and how a few people’s lives are shining a little brighter because of it.  Here are the first two:

    Taking a page from these new stories, we want to catch a glimpse of yours.

    Did your credit union help you get your first mortgage or a loan for a new car? 

    Do you sleep a little better at night -- between diaper changes -- because your credit union is helping you build a stronger financial future for your family?

    No matter what your "thrive" story is, we're hoping you'll share it with us through a social media photo. If you do, you'll earn a chance to win  a $100 Visa gift card (We'll select winners, randomly, in November). You can also enter by sharing the videos in our new series. Here's how:

    For credit union members or staff
    1. Shoot an original photo of something or someone symbolizing the credit union difference in your life.
    2. Draft a social media post of your photo, tag your credit union and include #CU_Thrive
    3. Share via TwitterFacebook or Instagram between now and November 11.
    For anyone
    Share #CU_Thrive with a link to any of the new videos we host through (via Twitter or Facebook).

    So, show us! How has or is your credit union bringing great things to life for you and your family?

    We can't wait to #CU_Thrive!