Thursday, June 29, 2017

Planning Strategically in a Changing World

By Tim McAdow, VP, Marketing

The world is changing faster than ever, and it’s hard to keep pace. For many, the focus is often set to execution mode, with little to no time to focus on long-term strategy.

My time as a credit union volunteer has helped me recognize that taking the time to develop or freshen your strategic plan is crucial to staying focused on what is most important for your credit union and its members. Strategic planning helps ensure you have the right conversations as a credit union leadership team and that all stakeholders are aligned.

So where can you turn to glean insights on what’s most important for your credit union as you plan, strategically, for your future? Our Discovery Conference has a history of inspiring leadership team and board discussions on important, strategic topics.

This year we’ve sharpened that focus both logistically and from a content perspective. We moved the event from October to August 17th to better align with credit union planning timeframes. But, we’ve kept the online format and complimentary attendance so you can participate anywhere and with anyone. We’ll deliver some of the latest thinking on subjects that are relevant to credit unions both today and in the future.

Our keynote speakers, Peter Sheahan and Dr. Julie Williamson of Karrikins Group, will open and close the conference with insights on how to rethink your strategy in a changing industry.

And, we’ll bring some of the most critical industry topics to the forefront such, as:
  • Data and analytics
  • The economy
  • Members’ financial health
  • Fintech
  • Lending to Millennials
  • And much more
Our goal is for attendees to leave the conference with more confidence in their strategic plans or inspired to make changes or additions that can strengthen them.

In fact, Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast and I had the chance to sit down with Brian Hall, CEO, Foothill Credit Union, who attended last year’s Discovery Conference. He shared how Discovery guided his credit union’s strategic planning in 2016. See how in the clip below or watch the full video.

Discovery will provide the ideas, insights and inspiration you need to take your credit union to the next level.

Register for your free Discovery Conference pass today.