Monday, July 10, 2017

Are You Focused on a Sliver of Your Workforce?

By Anne Corrigan-Watson 

Generation names sound a bit like alphabet soup. Gen X, Y and now Z. Then, we have the previous generation like the Baby Boomers.  What do they all have in common? By 2020, they’ll all be together in the workforce*. With the blended workforce, you need to be asking the question, “How am I developing this diverse group; and, am I focusing on the right learning channels?”
On-demand learning opportunities are growing exponentially to reach learners. The benefits of increased retention and productivity -- coupled with a faster learning curve -- has made it a go-to channel for learning. Beyond that, your audience demands it. To get you thinking about your direction, take a look at this infographic.

Who are you focused on? Not only do you want the right learning channels offered, you also want to know your staff is receiving accurate, consistent and compliant training resources.
So, what’s available? When I needed to learn how to tie a tie, I turned to YouTube. When credit unions employees need a quick ‘how to’, they can go to our MicroLearning hub. MicroLearnings are five-minute-or-less learning modules. They  can be quickly viewed, then immediately applied on the job. MicroLearnings  can assist the learner by increasing product knowledge, enhancing member conversations and improving leadership interactions. In short, they can find what they need, when they need it.
You don’t have to stop there! For additional, flexible and engaging training opportunities, check out our 2017 webinar series. It’s available at no charge to credit unions who use our lending solutions. So, be sure to register today!
You can provide an exceptional development experience for your blended workforce across today’s digital channels. Two of the four generations in today’s workplace have grown up with technology in their hands, and the other two are consuming digital information at record volumes. And, all of them expect  access to  information when and how they want. Learning for professional development  is no different. So, stay ahead of the learning curve.

*What Motivates Your Workers? It depends on Their Generation | South King County SHRM | May 2016