Monday, August 21, 2017

Harborstone Credit Union Joins With AdvantEdge Analytics

We announced, today, that Harborstone Credit Union ($1.2 billion in assets) headquartered in Lakewood, Wash., will partner with AdvantEdge Analytics to implement its reporting and performance management services. 

This partnership will enable Harborstone to accelerate its data analytics strategy and gain better insights to deliver more value back to members.

“As our members financial needs continue to evolve and change, a strong data analytics strategy is essential to our ability to make better business decisions, develop better products, and strengthen the right member channels,” said Laurie Leno, chief financial officer, Harborstone Credit Union. “AdvantEdge Analytics will help us move faster with our data strategy and shift our focus from gathering data, to truly analyzing and using the data insights to strengthen our member relationships for years to come.”

 Click here for more details in the full press release.