Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Are You a Retirement Plan Sponsor? Connect With A New Retirement Toolkit for National Retirement Security Week!

It’s National Retirement Security Week* (Oct. 15 to 21), and we have something new for credit unions who offer any of our plans to employees.

In time for this national observance, you can leverage a new toolkit that can help educate and inform retirement plan participants who are saving for retirement.

The online kit includes three on-demand learning modules. These address savings opportunities and obstacles, experienced by people in different generations. More specifically, plan participants can use the information and interactive learning sessions to explore topics designed for Millennials, mid-career employees and those approaching retirement (50 years+) in ten minutes or less.

As a plan sponsor, you can find links to these modules and additional retirement week messages on the Participant Homepage, the Financial Education Page and the Sponsor Information Center Page of You can also find promotional materials to help you connect with participants this week including a poster and a “select and send” employee message – are also available on the Sponsor Information Center Page of

To provide a layer of promotional support to any of the plan sponsors we work with, we’re issuing promotional emails for this week’s focus to plan participants (who have opted in for email alerts). These go out on Oct. 19, 24 and 26.

Have you watched our RetireOnTarget® eLearning Series this year? If not, take a look and see the value we’re bringing to our clients.

*National Retirement Security Week is sponsored by NAGDCA, The Voice of the Public Sector Defined Contribution Plans, and focuses on helping employees take control of their financial future.