Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Stay Ahead of the Top Risks for Credit Unions

By Laura Williams
It’s 2018—and we’re living in a world where we make can purchases instantaneously from the convenience of our preferred device. Machines recognize our faces and cars drive themselvesWhile emerging technologies can enhance efficiency and growth at your credit union, they also create many potential risks.

Today, consumers are more connected than ever; and, as they willingly store personal information online, they can become easy targets for scam artists. In a world of digital ransoms, fraudsters and data thieves, it can be challenging for credit unions to prepare, plan and manage risks.

So, how can you mitigate risk and protect your credit union, employees, and members? Two solutions include our Risk & Compliance webinar series and our Office Hours sessions. We provide these to our Bond policy holders at no cost.

Throughout the year, we’re hosting 12 live sessions that can help you manage the complex, emerging risks and compliance issues you face today. Four of the live sessions will be interactive Office Hours, where you can ask our risk and compliance experts burning questions about your challenges. See the complete schedule here.

The first webinar this year, “Scams Targeting Your CU, Employees and Members,” is Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. CT. Register to attend. Or, access webinars on-demand through our Protection Resource Center.

Our Credit Union Protection webinars have helped nearly 40,000 registrants over the last five years. Over 40 percent report that the sessions have helped them mitigate risk and/or recover from loss.