Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#ACUC - Content for Your Credit Union

This weekend, we will be heading out to Americas Credit Union Conference (ACUC) in San Francisco and we wanted to give you a look at some content we will be sharing that could be valuable for your credit union.

Monday, June 30:
How do small credit unions increase income? This topic will be discussed at the "Small Credit Union Roundtable" and we will share what answers they discuss.

Tuesday, July 1:
Integrating mobile into your loan growth strategy - one of the "hotter" topics of the year. We'll share the latest mobile trends and how credit unions execs and marketers can wrap their heads around this ever-evolving mobile world.

Wednesday, July 2:
The challenges of credit union executive churn - there's a "perfect storm" brewing with the restrictions CUs have in retaining executives. We'll talk about possible solutions.

Latest CFPB changes impacting lending - always a discussion that changes almost weekly. Our compliance guy Jon Bundy will join us for what CUs should watch out for.

Thursday, July 3:
Data, cyber and security risks - nothing gets the blood pumping more than data breach issues. We'll discuss what credit unions can do to prepare for the worst.

Obviously we'll have more content coming from ACUC in a steady stream to your social platforms. Want to chime in, have questions, or want to connect? Ping us on all of our platforms or right here while we're at ACUC from June 29-July 3.