Thursday, July 14, 2016

Millennial POV: How Can Credit Unions Connect?

Connecting with Millennials is the goal of many businesses today. But, the credit union movement is poised for success with this generation for one simple reason: shared values.

Research draws a picture that seems all too familiar for anyone who's familiar with our industry:
  • Millennials care about family.
    They dominate the new parenting demographic, and most see parenting as a team sport.
  • Millennials are concerned with debt.
    Many are struggling with student loan debt and childcare costs.
While we recognize these shared values, the challenge remains: Too many Millennials still don't know much about credit unions. So, earlier this year, we spoke with a few who know our space well.

We asked them how credit unions can make better connections, and these videos reflect their thoughts:

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How are you connecting with Millennials today?