Thursday, July 28, 2016

Millennial POV: What Are the Top Millennial Myths?

Millennials have been part of the workforce for years. In that time, the generation has endured a lot of attention and still does. Some of this is rooted in fact, and some isn't.

To examine what isn't true, we launched a Twitter Poll earlier this month. We asked our followers to choose the top Millennial myth. As you can see, most voters found all options equally false.

We agree with this for three key reasons: our day-to-day experiences, new research and real-world feedback from Millennials.

  • Like most work environments today, ours is a multi-generational one. Our experiences with teams, work groups and leaders of all ages teach us the difference between sweeping generalizations and reality.
  • We also asked a Millennials who work in the credit union industry to share their thoughts with us. In February, we captured their myth-busting feedback on video. See it for yourself!

In addition to myth-busting, we have this group's feedback on their top financial priorities and how credit unions can engage them better. And, you can see more insights on Twitter via #MillennialPOV.

What do you think the top myths are today?