Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We’re FOCUSSed on the Future

“Purchasing trends are changing…”

“Convenience over loyalty…”

“Everything online and immediate…”

If you work in financial services, you probably hear lines like these every day. That’s because they’re all true. Each generation is more demanding than the last: more tech-savvy, facing more digital options, wielding more financial might.

The credit union movement must face these challenges head on.

That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the national FOCUSS Idea Competition for the second consecutive year. The program challenges students from four historically black colleges and universities – and two Wisconsin colleges – to propose competing solutions to issues facing credit unions and their members.

This year, students were asked to suggest product and marketing solutions to help the millions of U.S. households that are either financially unbanked or under-banked access safe and affordable credit. Competing proposals should all be viable in the credit union system.

Regional FOCUSS competitions began in February. Winners of those competitions will convene at our Madison headquarters in April to present their ideas to credit union leaders and industry experts.

While each finalist receives a cash prize, for us the reward is much greater. It’s an opportunity to work with and learn from young, innovative and exciting minds.

We’re taking it a step further this year, by connecting it with our internship program and offering each competitor the opportunity to work with us. It’s a partnership that strengthens our future, as much as theirs.

We’re honored to support these students as they share their ideas on how to strengthen the credit union movement and support the millions of people it serves.

Follow us or search for #FOCUSS17 on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on how and when you can watch the final presentations unfold.

How are you connecting with the next generation of credit union innovators?