Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Three Out of Your Top Five Performers Could Leave for a Competitor

By Anne Corrigan-Watson, Senior Performance Consultant

You understand better than anyone that it's a fiercely competitive financial services landscape. For your credit union, it's critical to retain not only your members, but your top performers as well.

Imagine your team's top performers lined-up in front of you. They're essential to your credit union's success, right? Now imagine three out of every five of your rock star employees walking out your front door to work for a competitor because they received a sweeter offer. How would that impact your business operations? What about your member service model? What would the impact be to your bottom line?

Make no mistake - your competitors would love to tap into the expertise of your staff and are gladly willing to pay to get them. If you don't invest in your staff and provide them with ongoing training in their field of expertise, you risk them taking their skills to your competitors.

So how do you retain your top talent? It starts by investing in their careers through our performance-based training webinars. These engaging sessions will give your staff what they need to understand what they can do to drive performance, develop loyal relationships with members, and enhance the member experience. And credit union leaders and managers can take advantage of webinars to develop leadership and coaching skills to help staff maximize their lending performance and the credit union’s bottom line.

Check out our 2017 webinar series, available at no charge to credit unions that use our lending solutions to help protect the financial security of their members.

What are you doing to retain your top performers? Register today to learn what you can to do retain your people. Or, run the risk of three out of five of them taking their skills to your competitor.