Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Advisor POV: Retirement Is About More Than Money

Today, many Americans feel uncertain about their financial security in retirement. They may worry over how much they have or haven’t saved, if they’ll be prepared enough (financially) for the unexpected, how they’ll handle the costs of long term healthcare and more.

But, the anxieties that can come with facing retirement aren’t solely about money. Once retired, some may struggle with self-identity, a lack of social contacts or networks and the abundance of “free time” they’ll have when they’re not in the rhythm of corporate life. And, for some, retirement can be a stark reminder of their mortality.

No matter what has Americans worried about life after work, one thing is clear: It’s about money and a lot more. And, financial advisors who understand the psychological impacts of retirement are in a better position to help their clients succeed in this chapter of life. 

With an understanding of these realities, advisors can be prepared to share financial and lifestyle insights and, ultimately, guidance toward a more secure future.

Our new white paper, The Psychological Impact of Retirement, can help you examine many of the psychological barriers clients face as they plan or live through retirement, including:
·      Sources of Clients Anxiety
·      Financial Transitions
·      New Retirement Risks
·      Behavioral Factors Can Have a Negative Impact
·      Emotional and Lifestyle Transitions

It also provides actionable tips you can use to help you guide them towards their goals for a happy, healthy, financially secure retirement.